About FCM

Letter From Our President


Welcome To The Federation Of Christian Ministries!

Thank you for visiting FCM's website. I invite you to spend a few minutes to learn more about us. FCM is made up of individual members, faith communities and service organizations. We are expanding with new programs, a more diverse membership, and new ways to respond to the needs of the people we serve. It is a great time to be in FCM.

From its founding over 48 years ago to this day FCM's focus has been that of encouraging and supporting the ministerial activities of its individual members. We commission for ministry those who feel a call to serve God's people. Our ministers lead communities, witness weddings and officiate at baptisms and funerals. As a religious body we provide official endorsement to qualified members. Endorsement is generally required for certification in ministries such as institutional chaplaincy, pastoral counseling, and clinical pastoral education.

Faith communities become group members and share their experience with our other group members. Their association with one another provides a forum for dynamic interaction. We focus a good deal of energy on the nurturing and growth of our faith communities. We build this part of FCM by seeking more communities and service organizations to join us. At this time, however, we are not accepting group members from outside the USA.

We create community throughout our national membership through our local and regional gatherings. Members stay in touch with one another as ministerial colleagues for personal, professional, and spiritual support. Our bimonthly FCM Newsletter shares regional and national news. This site’s Membership Directory, available in the “FCM Member Login” section, facilitates this communication.

Our biannual National Assembly brings everyone together for speakers, workshops, ceremonies, prayer and socializing. We renew relationships, learn others’ best practices and reflect on developments in theology. Most important, we experience inspiration for our spiritual growth. For many their attendance at the Assembly is their high point experience with FCM.

Our Justice and Peace Committee works to raise for all our members their awareness of issues of social justice and harmony between people. This is a critical function in our times.

As a Christ-inspired, ecumenical, post-denominational religious body, FCM is aware that some of our members are interested in the progress of specific denominations. Our Denominational Concerns Committee encourages this through its two Councils. Its Roman Catholic Faith Community Council is a member of Catholic Organizations for Renewal (COR). The Interfaith Council is reaching out to other faith traditions and those who are “spiritual but not religious."

If you would like to contact me or one of our Regional Vice Presidents to find out more, that would be wonderful. I can be reached at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Our Regional Vice Presidents can be reached through their emails, which are found under the Circle of Directors tab. We are all here to support you and to welcome you to our community. We look forward to meeting you.

Thomas E. Cusack