2019 Member Renewal Form


Please apply for renewal by one of the following 2 ways:

1. Send The Application Form By Mail: Download PDF

2. Fill Out The Application Form Below.

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Describe your PARTICIPATION within the FCM community during the past year.

The purpose of the bi-annual National Assembly is to build community, support ministry, and provide professional update.

I have updated my knowledge/skills in ministry this past year by (e.g., taking or teaching a course, attending seminars, reading books)

To support FCM and its Mission I will:

It is the position of FCM that each member of FCM holds primary responsibility for maintaining appropriate professional and personal boundaries in all ministerial relationships. Within the past year, have accusations been made about you, have you been convicted of a felony, or have you had any disciplinary action taken against you, or are any such actions pending by any licensing and/or certifying authority? Are there similar past actions which have not been declared to FCM?

PLEASE READ, SIGN AND DATE THE FOLLOWING If you answered yes, please explain fully on an additional sheet of paper. I have read the Constitution/By Laws, Ethics Statement and Professional Practices Policy of the Federation of Christian Ministries and agree to abide by the conditions specified in these documents.

You must make your payments in order to complete the process. After you submit this form, go to our Online Payments page, where you can make your payments.